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administration and consultation

For any questions about OMI, our services, or working with OMI, please contact:

Robert MacKinnon

Executive Director


Martine Adel
Executive Assistant

Kathleen Campos
Technical Coordinator

Yvette Cushman-Baton
Administrative Liaison

For questions about the Montessori Approach or to make inquiries about working with OMI, please contact:

Elizabeth G. Hale

Pedagogical Advisor

**OMI offices will be closed from 

December 23, 2014 - Jan 4, 2015 for the winter holiday**


If you are interested in applying for a scholarship with OMI, please e-mail for more information or go to our Scholarships page to download an application.

Application forms for financial aid scholarships are received, processed, and approved according to the current award cycle, receipt of complete application, and availability of funds. We anticipate sending letters awarding scholarships within six to eight weeks of the February 1st deadline* and the July 1st deadline*.

*updated as of December 2014


If you are interested in volunteering or receiving information about serving on the Board of Directors, please send an e-mail to

If you are interested in volunteering as a translator, please e-mail

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Para ver esta página en español, usted puede traducirla gratis en Solomente escriba adentro la direccion electronica la cual esta abajo,  "traduce una página del Internet".

Servicios de consulta y de traducción (en persona o vía teléfono) estan disponibles solamente por medio de citas.  Escribe una carta electronica al para más información o para hacer una cita.

Si usted esta interesado en ser un traductor voluntario, por favor escribir a esta direccion

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